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This is a temporary instance on a machine that is not backed up. You have been warned.

w8emv honked 23 Nov 2022 23:47 -0500

I'm changing the domain name of this #honk instance. I'd like to do that with as little trouble as I can.

One approach: start completely over, refollow people manually (there are not a lot of people in this little corner of the #honkiverse ). down side: the old domain will return an NXDOMAIN I think so any old followers will be baffled. That strikes me as not good.

Second approach: export everything from a backup, import everything from that backup. It might work, I don't know.

Third approach: update the database tables directly to support the new name. Perhaps unwise.

any other suggestions welcomed. My working plan is to switch to the fork that @zev is running.

w8emv bonked 22 Nov 2022 19:52 -0500
original: petersanchez@honk.petersanchez.com

@w8emv @ols @tedu @benjojo Hah sure, here you go:

donk = image (attachment)
bonk = boost
xonk =
zonk = mute / delete
badonk =
qonk = vote in poll
# The flavor sets followers from following. See below
dub = follower (external user following honk user)
sub = honk user following external user
presub = processing honk user following external
peep = currently not following. Can resubscribe via click in honkers page

There's def some stuff missing. Just as I need to dig into something I'll add it to the notes so I don't forget what it is.

w8emv bonked 22 Nov 2022 19:01 -0500
original: benjojo@benjojo.co.uk

@tedu Unrelated to the problem discussed. But I highly enjoy that I know and understand the terminology here (oonker, bonks,GetJunkHardMode), I feel invited to the worlds weirdest club

w8emv honked back 21 Nov 2022 00:12 -0500
in reply to: https://yeet.ols.wtf/u/ols/h/q432l6M22MDfdyTxcn


hfcs man page is at https://humungus.tedunangst.com/r/honk/m/hfcs.1 for inspection. Things I learned:

The regex based options remind me of Usenet kill files.

The "rewrite" option has a lot of potential.

I like that there's filtering to "skip media", especially useful perhaps on a tiny system where storage in general is not plentiful.

"A post marked sensitive that does not otherwise contain a summary will have an invisible summary of “unspecified horror” that can be matched against and will appear if the post is collapsed."

#honk #hfcs

w8emv honked back 21 Nov 2022 00:03 -0500
in reply to: https://honk.bewilderbeest.net/u/zev/h/Bf9Dx4l23PYhcSv3mL


Thanks, this is a good list. I feel a long blog post coming on, if only to force myself to make some sense of it all.

I appreciate that you have your fork in a spot where I can look at the tweaks one by one to try to make sense of them.

Some time soon I need to shut this instance down + migrate to a new hostname, maybe Thanksgiving weekend. That would be a good time to swap over to a new codebase while I'm at it.

w8emv bonked 20 Nov 2022 13:25 -0500
original: w8emv@a2mi.social

first snow in Ann Arbor

first snow in Ann Arbor

Took out the Yooper Scooper, to take care of the one inch of snow on the sidewalk. It took approximately no time to clear.

There is still a pile of leaves under the snow, not a big pile, but a pile nonetheless.

Packard looks clear all the way to the bike lane, local streets are snow covered. I might get out for a short ride today just to say I did, but I'm definitely not set up yet for winter bicycle as reliable transportation. (Yet.) Maybe bus into town?

#snow #yooper

w8emv bonked 19 Nov 2022 22:12 -0500
original: zev@honk.bewilderbeest.net

@w8emv Actually that's more a functional thing I was about to follow up with (but forgot until your post reminded me) -- if any other #honk instances want to be counted in metrics like that, @jxs has a a patch for it here, plus a small fix-up here.